Wow, its been a very busy summer for the chickens and me , what with an event at a local care home summer fete, a local knit and natter group visit with the new ducklings and the Seaside Rec Summer Fete. Everybody has commented on the chickens about how well they looked and especially the kids gazing at them close up. Most people don’t ever get up close to a hen, they just boil their eggs to go with their soldiers, or fry their egg to go on toast , or bake a cake !

The special moments that stick in my mind were at the Seaside Rec Event. It was amazing the kids were running across the park to come and see the hens, especially when one laid an egg!  The parents were fascinated too, a few asking how difficult it was to keep and look after the hens.

At the local care home, some of the residents were coming along and reminiscing about the war and how as a child their parents made them go and collect the eggs in all weathers and cleaning them out and giving them scraps from the table, not allowed- now see DEFRA Guidelines and how having a chicken for dinner was a special occasion, now its an every day occurrence in one way or another.